About Us

Our Approach

Ideal company is focusing on core business of merchandising with best set of skilled merchandisers who have full knowledge of placing product in a right manner, we share our customer’s vision to achieve the best presence of their products in-store which enhance visibility of the product and make consumer’s decision easier for picking our product.

Merchandisers are the best sources for any company for make their sales up, merchandisers help replenishing products on shelf which reduces losing any sales opportunity in-store, products are 100% available on shelf all the time to capture each and every sale opportunity.

Important Note

  • Merchandiser will do the duty from Saturday to Thursday full day in all selected markets.
  • Merchandiser will start work by 8:00am till 5:00pm in the store.
  • Merchandiser will be dedicated to the assigned company products only.
  • Merchandiser will have lunch break from 12:30pm till 1:30pm.


Seq Responsibility
1 Merchandiser will start his work early morning by scanning and facing products on home shelf
2 Merchandiser will do the product facing for off shelf displays (if any)
3 Merchandiser will visit backroom to bring goods for displaying
4 Merchandiser will replenish the entire home shelf and off shelf displays during the day.
5 All the available products in the backroom will be displayed in selling area.
6 Merchandiser will follow FIFO method for placing product in shelf
7 Merchandiser will withdraw damaged, dented or near expiry items from selling area.
8  Merchandiser will do the requested report from the client (Product Availability Report)

Additional Services:

  • We also do brand activation for new and established brands.
  • Product Tasting
  • Product Sampling
  • Sample Demonstration
  • Raffle Management
  • Door to Door Sample Distribution
  • Flyer Distribution
  • Scratch and Win Management etc.
  • These services are based on client request & separate contract will be signed upon agreement.


Terms and Conditions:

  • We will start the test service minimum with 5 merchandisers
  • Our test period will be max for 2 months and this will be charged to the client.
  • Payments will be on monthly bases and it has to be paid max by 5th of following month.
  • Cost per head will be 4950/- SR Only.